Bhuvan Sarupuri

Overview of My Research

I am pursuing my PhD in HITLab NZ, University of Canterbury. It is located in the stunning middle earth

( New Zealand).  Currently I am working on comfortable and usable locomotion interfaces in VR.

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Thanks for your interest in my research. Get in touch with any questions or comments regarding my work and publications. I’d love to hear from you.

 NZi3 Building 69 Creyke Rd, Ilam, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand


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Soccer on Tabletop Interactions

Currently,  I am working on possible interactions and applications of using Hololens for displaying the 3D soccer game generated from Youtube Videos. Our aim is to help coaches visualize, analyze and train players using the videos.

Comfortable Locomotion in VR

Augmented Reality to assist Forklift Operators

In Warehouses with shelves more than 10 meters high, the visibility of the shelves and pallets is bare minimum. I worked with a Forklift manufacturing company to  develop an Augmented Reality interface to assist forklift operators to do their tasks (pallet lifting, pallet racking etc).

Locomotion is still a problem in VR which has only half solution. My research aims to develop a comfortable and efficient comprehensive locomotion system that can be used for different distances.  For small - medium distance navigation, I have developed a technique called "Trigger Walking" which mimics actual gait of humans.